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How do I reach my potential? Now there’s a question.

At Facet5, we are big on Potential. We talk about it a lot. But what do we mean by that? Realising our potential is a journey we are on every day. Our personality, passions, and experiences (good and bad). Building who we are. And laying the foundation for who we are to become. Read on to discover how increasing self-awareness is where it all begins.

Culture of an organisation – where do you thrive?

When thinking about our career, the culture of an organisation is quite possibly the last thing on our mind - only appearing on the radar when we find ourselves in one that isn't quite right! Here Facet5 identifies 7 work environments. And the kind of people you’ll find working in them. Answering the question: ‘Where do I belong?’ Read on to find out more.

Follow your passions to a fulfilling career. What motivates you?

Whether you want to pursue a different career, a hobby, or just something you enjoy - you need to know what motivates you. This article will cover how to figure out what drives you, and what you should do if you're not sure. Find your passion for a more fulfilling career >>

Work preferences – 22 practical steps to help you understand yours better

We often don't put much thought into how we like to work. And the result? We end up in jobs that don't suit us. This can lead to unhappiness, frustration - and a feeling of stuck-ness. If you're not sure what your work preferences are, or how they fit with your personality, it's time to find out!

A Career is Not a Job: The Meaning of Career, and What it takes to Build One

The process of choosing a career is important and can be quite challenging. It’s not simply a series of jobs or skills. But a combination of personality, capability and talents. So? How can we build a healthy, happy career? Read on to find out.

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