How do I reach my potential? Now there’s a question.


At Facet5, we are big on Potential. We talk about it a lot. But what do we mean by that? Realising our potential is a journey we are on every day. Our personality, passions, and experiences (good and bad). Building who we are. And laying the foundation for who we are to become. Read on to discover how increasing self-awareness is where it all begins.

Automated Video Interviews & Personality Assessments (AVI-PA)

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There is huge excitement around the use of AI based personality assessment, particularly for selection. There is no denying that AVI's with AI are a clever admin system but there is nothing yet to suggest it is in fact “intelligent” and capable of analysis.

5 Tips for Authentic Conversation

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Your ability to have effective and honest conversations can directly impact on how you show-up as a leader, as a colleague, as a friend. . . as a human! Your personality shapes the way in which you have conversations and therefore, understanding your personality traits and preferences can support you in developing the conversation skills you need to improve your conversations.

Life under the jackboot of Covid19


Across the globe people have been looking at the effects of COVID-19. And in this case, not the actual virus but the environment it created. Pubs, hairdressers and restaurants were forced to close. Schools were closed and the children sent home for “home schooling”. A phrase that will forever strike fear into parents the world over. Travel was cancelled. And businesses slowed and then closed. Many may never reopen. And this has raised questions. This is galvanising and testing even the strongest and healthiest of teams.

Australia – a land of carefree larrikins? Probably not.


Having been brought up from the age of three in Australia, I “knew” that Australia was a land of larrikins. We did what we wanted when we wanted. We broke the rules and had a laugh about it. We looked overseas at other “funny” countries with their “weird” customs. We weighed them in the balance and found them wanting. We were glad we were Australians.

Personality Profiling – I’ve got your number!


More and more HR functions are reaping the reward from adopting personality profiling. It's no longer simply seen as a simple ‘nice-to-have’. But as a value add to talent management programs. Here we discuss what personality is. Where personality tools are most effective. And what this means for the workplace. From recruitment through to on-boarding, team working and leadership development.

Why Facet5 is Every Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon for Success


Many start-up businesses are founded by visionary individuals or groups who do not always know how to work as a cohesive team. Using Facet5 helps teams understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and establish a framework of communication that will enable constructive challenge and debate - while retaining unity.

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