Our Story

Created in the 1980’s and brainchild of Norman Buckley; Facet5 was born in response to market desire for a speedy, practical and intuitive personality tool.

Born in the 1980’s, officially established in 1990

A Facet5-shaped gap in the market

Our story begins in the mid 1980’s when the assessment industry was expanding at a rapid rate – organisations had a choice. Traditional models were well-researched and robust yet complex; they required a high level of training and experience and the data produced needed ongoing expert interpretation. Alternatively, they could choose much simpler, often well-marketed measures, but quality and substance were often sacrificed for ease of use – despite the data being used to make critical decisions about people.

“During the mid-1980’s in the UK, I was consulting to organisations using the best available psychometrics of the day. I knew that good psychometric tools were out there, but they needed a great deal of training and experience to use them properly. Someone challenged me, without any warning, to come up with something that was quick, easy to use, and gave more than the existing tools of the day. And it hit me; there was the design brief for what was to become Facet5.”

Norman Buckley, Author

To this day, our philosophy remains the same. We continue to turn reliable data into valuable insights and present the information in the most practical and usable way possible – making it actionable.

Meet the Authors

Norman Buckley Author of Facet5

Norman Buckley
Founder & Author

Norman has been leading the conversation around personality assessment and profiling for over 40 years.  His unwavering focusing during this time has been on delivering practical organisational benefits underpinned by deep psychological understanding.

Norman graduated in Psychology in Sydney and gained initial experience with an Australian consulting organisation. From 1978 he ran his own UK company, pioneering the use of custom-built assessment and development processes. He worked extensively on biographical and personality data analysis.

Facet5 was officially launched in January 1990, based on ten years of research in personality theory. Norman continues to play a pivotal role in the continual development of the tool.

Rebekah Williams Co-author of Facet5

Rebekah Williams
Director & co-author

Rebekah joined Facet5 in 1996 following a career in clinical psychological research before transitioning into the field of business psychology. Not wanting to stop there, Rebekah gained her masters degree in Organisational Psychology.

From here she worked with organisations in both the public and private sector, delivering key consulting assignments for major organisational change/restructuring programmes.

Rebekah joined Facet5 in 1996, initially developing a unique range of personal development methodologies. During this time she also delivered many individual and team development programmes for both UK and European clients. Her work with Facet5 ranged from individual assessment, leadership development and teambuilding to the design and delivery of training programmes to transfer complex knowledge and technology to clients.

Facet5 moved its headquarters to Australia in 2000 and Rebekah relocated to Sydney as a Director and co-author. She continues to be involved in global product development.

A word from our global community

People sit at the heart of Facet5. Our success is truly a reflection of the incredible relationships we have with our clients and practitioners.

What is it that people love about Facet5? Let some of our friends tell you more. . .

Loved worldwide

With continual development, we’ve grown and evolved – and continue to do so. Today Facet5 is the personality tool of choice for thousands of organisations across the globe. We’re extremely proud to work alongside some of the worlds most successful organisations in helping them to realise their potential.

Today, we support our clients in delivering superior performance across the entire employee lifecycle.

We’re headquartered in the UK but our footprint is global – our extended team of Partners and Associates reside in countries far and wide. To date, Facet5 is currently available in over 60 countries and 33 languages.