‘best fit’ selection

Recruitment can be time-consuming and complex. Especially when it comes to determining an individual’s fit to role, team and importantly the culture of an organisation. Audition removes the complexity and streamlines the selection process by matching a candidate’s personality preferences with the role and organisational requirement.

What is Facet5 Audition?

Audition is an online assessment tool that enables informed and effective recruitment, talent management and succession planning decisions.

Audition allows organisations to agree the behavioural based role elements that are essential for success prior to selection or development, ensuring ‘best fit’ of a candidate to both role and organisation.

The process also provides helpful information on how personal attributes may help or hinder success once in the role, the team and organisation.

How Facet5 Audition works

Audition combines a behavioural role-definition profile with a Facet5 personality profile to produce a range of comprehensive, easy-to-read reports. The Audition process involves:

Define the role

A short questionnaire, taken by a manager or perhaps based on the competencies of ‘star’ performers, enables organisations to agree the key attributes required for success in a role.


Facet5 personality profiles are compared to one or multiple role definition profiles, showing the degree of fit to the role or competency. Candidates can be compared to a single role profile or meaningfully compared to multiple templates and each other, to assist in the decision making process.


A range of behavioural and situational questions are provided in easy to use, tailored interview guides. These guides support a consistent interview process, meaningful comparisons of candidates and assistance with reference checking.

Ways you can use Audition

Audition supports organisations to make informed and effective decisions where any comparison of profiles, to an ideal, is required. This can include;

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Talent identification and management

  • Succession Planning

  • Leadership competency comparison and development

  • Graduate assessment and development


The Impact

Audition enables organisations to:

  • Define what success looks like in a role, team and organisation prior to recruitment, reducing the time and cost to successfully fill roles

  • Inform talent identification and succession planning processes by identifying the key characteristics that will be displayed over time, underpinning observed behaviours

  • Ensure consistent recruitment and selection processes. Audition easily integrates into existing processes and supports  managers; providing  tailored interview guides, meaningful comparisons of candidates, and assistance with reference checking

  • Increase retention by matching personality preferences with the role requirements

  • Support the successful candidate and line manager in the first, often-challenging, three months in the role

The Audition Report

The Audition package includes a number of reports – samples can be downloaded for all.

Role definition template

Provides a profile of the ‘ideal’ competencies and attributes for the role. Role templates can be created from scratch or selected from our library.

Comparison report

Supports the selection process; can rank multiple candidates to the role definition template – indicates closeness of fit and those likely to be successful in the role.

Interview guide

Provides an interview structure as well as a selection of tailored, ready to use interview questions. Interview guides are tailored to each candidate.

Audition – at a glance

Sample Report 

Click here to download a sample Audition report

Training Required

Facet5 Accreditation required for management of Audition process & output. No training required for use of report in interviewing.

Languages Available

Currently available in 27languages – find out which languages here.


Approx 20 minutes to complete, 106 questions, reporting immediately available on completion.

PDF Product Sheet

Click here to download a Audition PDF product sheet

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