Facet5 Personality Profile

The self-awareness app.

Promote in-the-moment self-awareness with the myFacet5 app.
As part of a team or personal development program.


Bring blended learning to
distributed teams.

& Coaches

Stand out in a crowded market.
With pre-built tech.


Understand your personality.
Build better relationships.

Facet5 Personality Profile

Bring blended learning to distributed teams.

Consultancies & Coaches
Stand out in a crowded market.

MyFacet5. Promoting in-the-moment self-awareness.
As part of a team or personal development program.

What is myFacet5?

Here’s Grant, Facet5 General Manager, to explain all.

What’s inside myFacet5?

Watch the videos below and discover a world of myFacet5.

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The myFacet5 Dashboard

Discover what’s inside myFacet5 the moment you enter. Explore your key qualities. Your reports. And celebrate the brilliance of being you.

Share & compare profiles

Explore your Facet5 profile. And share and compare with others. To get a true picture of how you work best together. Working in a multi-cultural team or cross-border? Check out the compare countries feature.

Coaching notes to help keep you on track

Got a Facet5 Spotlight report? You’ll find it on myFacet5. Together with additional coaching notes to help take your self-awareness to the next level.

Secure & easy to navigate

Being a web app, myFacet5 works perfectly on all devices. It’s secure. Easy to navigate. And everything is there – at the touch of a button.

The myFacet5 App

A handy addition to any personal or team-development program.
FREE for you to use – on successful completion of your Facet5 Accreditation.

New to Facet5?

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Already a Facet5 Practitioner?
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For technical support, how to’s and further information:

myFacet5 – at-a-glance

Free access

Successfully completed your Facet5 accreditation?
Then admin access to myFacet5 is free.

Free access

Access your key qualities directly from the myFacet5 dashboard.

Single access
point for reports

Got multiple reports? Access them from one, secure place.


Facet5 reports currently available in myFacet5 are
the Facet5 Profile and SpotLight report.


Got a SpotLight report? Find personalised coaching notes inside myFacet5. To aid individual learning.

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Facet5 success stories

Our clients span the globe. They are a true reflection of Facet5’s universal relevance; the insights Facet5 offers are as meaningful in Thailand as they are in Poland.