Assuranceforeningen Gard is the largest Protection & Indemnity insurer among the thirteen members of the International Group of P&I Clubs, and ranks second in the marine insurance industry behind Allianz. Its clients include shipowners and operators, shipyards, and companies involved in the upstream oil and gas markets. The group employs more than 450 people in 13 offices in Arendal, Athens, Bergen, Bermuda, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Imabari, London, New York, Oslo, Rio and Tokyo.
We use Facet5 in recruitment at GARD. For us it is important to have the professional expertise required in addition to a user friendly tool for the human resources department. We perceive Facet5 as easy to guide/explain to candidates since it is very well structured and understandable when we give feedback. While the report also provides useful input to the questions we ask the candidates.
“We use Facet5 in recruitment at GARD. It is very well structured and understandable when we give feedback”
Facet5 is useful and tangible, not an answer, but a good basis for discussions. People recognise themselves to a surprisingly large extent.

Tools & Approach

In connection with our selection of trainees, we use Facet5 at the 2nd interview stage. This is to ensure that the trainees fit into future roles in Gard. We are looking for trainees with different educational backgrounds, and we also want a diversity in terms of personal characteristics. Our emphasis of “diversity” is due to the fact that our trainees will rotate to all business areas within GARD, from analysis with quantitative methods to relationship building, legal issues and claims handling, to gain insight into the industry in general and especially Gard. This programme runs for 12 months and during this time the trainees make up their minds about which area of the business they would like to work in. This in line with Gard’s needs, there are great opportunities for a permanent position in the company.


Ability to collaborate, commitment and initiative are among several important competencies that Facet5 helps to map. To obtain a trainee position at Gard is a chance to learn from a world leader in marine insurance. As an international company, with applicants from around the world, it is important to apply an international tool like Facet5 which is also approved by the Norwegian Veritas.

Human Resources Manager
Turid Ann Bringsverd, GARD

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