One of our longstanding clients is a large pharmaceutical company, which as well as being a leader in its field, is also one of the biggest companies in Japan. We have worked with them on various projects over the last 15 years, and have provided training for their sales team in selling skills prior to this. On this occasion, the company wanted help with improving the effectiveness of its product information department, which provides Medical Representatives (MRs) with new information and knowledge about relevant new drugs on a regular basis.

The managers felt that the team did not have a positive relationship with the MRs, who are in a sense internal customers for the business, and there was not enough proactive engagement. The director was keen to change the attitude toward the MRs and encourage a healthier relationship.

Tools & Approach

The company had no prior knowledge of Facet5, but we suggested using it for leadership training to raise self-awareness and improve team performance. The director accepted our proposal.

Firstly we conducted a half day training session for all members of the department. We encouraged participants to think about the current internal and external environments surrounding the company and the department through group working. Next, they worked on defining their roles as seen by others in the team and the results expected of them and relevant behaviours as seen by others in the team.

Finally, we conducted the Facet5 element, providing detailed information about Facet5 for context and understanding. Each person then received their individual Facet5 profile and reflected on their own leadership style while using the report. We worked with them to help them specify their own action plan in improving their attitudes towards the MRs.


This is an ongoing process, as it is never easy to change your attitudes completely, especially as an adult. However, we have been told that around 25% of the team has demonstrated a shift in attitude, communicating more proactively. The action plans drawn up in the session are proving useful in helping the remaining team members to stay on track, and gradually change their perceptions and behaviours.

The initial apprehension about using Facet5 as a new system faded once people saw and accepted their profiles, and appreciated the value of greater self-awareness and understanding of their colleagues and peers. It helps that it is based on robust scientific theory, using the Big Five factors of personality, and it definitely helps people to reflect on their own attitudes, behaviours and strengths.

The director was very pleased with the outcome of this exercise, and is considering using TeamScape for further team building.

“Facet5 has helped to achieve a shift in attitude and a definite improvement in communications between the teams”

“Participants appreciate the value of greater self-awareness and understanding of their colleagues”

Top Tips

  1. There is no one leadership style which is solely right; finding each individual’s leadership style is vital.
  2. People cannot change their behaviours if they don’t know or understand their own personality. Explaining how it all fits together helps people to understand how to bring about change.

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