After 30 years of development, Nelt Group became a trademark for a successful business system and the leading company in providing complete solutions in distribution and logistics services in Western Balkans.

The company sees its employees as the ambassadors of Nelt’s values who contributed to this success and gained the trust and support of partners in all the markets where Nelt Group operates.

For them, clarifying roles and future career paths is essential so different programs are carefully created to support individual development, talent management and succession planning.
Since 2017, Nelt Group has been using Facet5 to help achieve this, providing the support needed to reach personal and organisational goals.

Tools & Approach

Facilitated by Advance International, Serbia consultants and internal Facet5 practitioners, Nelt has been using the Facet5 Profile as a “Third Person”, in career Coaching Conversations, helping managers and leaders understand their current motivation and strengths in their current or future roles.


Feedback from the organisation and from the participants has been very positive.

Via the Facet5 profile, participants recognise their behaviours and ways of working, with some behaviours identified as strengths and some as areas for further development.

For the organisation, the use of a common language to describe individual preferences has gone down well. With Facet5 conversation as a part of development programs for managers, Nelt leaders get a strong base to come back to throughout their development journey.

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