Our client, a global legal firm with an established and traditional culture, is keen to optimise its graduate intake programme. This comprises 50 interns who have already gone through a rigorous selection process, who are at the top of their game, and all eager to develop themselves in order to be successful in an incredibly competitive environment.

The client is focused on achieving a common approach and language in the development of their graduates. They want them to understand themselves and how to work with others in order to flex to meet the demands of the role and organisation while remaining true to their own values and building a strong sense of self.

“Spotlight hit the mark at providing the right level of information from which the individuals could create meaningful development plans.”

Tools & Approach

The workshop consisted of a 3.5hr SpotLight Personal Development programme. SpotLight is a development-focused report based on Facet5, which provides individuals with a comprehensive summary of the Strengths and Risks of their personality profile as well as the Frustrations and Challenges associated with their individual style. Designed to improve individual learning and development outcomes through heightened self-awareness and action planning, it extracts the key features of an individual’s Facet5 results and maps them onto the Facet5 SpotLight developmental framework. This provides a targeted and actionable development plan tailored to each person.

SpotLight is ideal for talent development and embeds easily into any foundation self-awareness and leadership programme, making it ideal in this scenario. It is particularly effective for large groups such as this one, and it provides the framework for individual coaching.

We used Facet5 Image Facilitation cards to help identify the group’s values including those “above the line” and “below the line” behaviours that set the context for their future development goals. We found this helped them to voice who and how they saw the organisation. The goal was then to identify and detail actionable goals that they could start to work on immediately back in the office, with a focus on tangible, actionable plans to achieve their longer term career goals.

This was an incredibly intelligent group who really understood both the process and content, seeking to understand and validate the information in a way that could be used and developed. The group used a peer coaching framework to support and challenge each other in the development planning process. This phase paired individuals together, each coaching the other in turn to develop goals and action plans that challenged their thinking.

By taking this approach, the process took individuals who are essentially competing with each other to get ahead and encouraged them to work as a unified, collaborative group, creating a supportive environment in which not only the individual but the organisation stands to benefit. There was a noticeable shift in the group when we started the peer coaching exercise, and natural partnerships, cohorts and groups formed around similar goals to support and help one another grow.

“There was a noticeable shift in the room when we started the peer coaching exercise”


Spotlight hit the mark at providing the right level of information from which the individuals could create meaningful development plans. The group was extremely receptive to the process and immediately grasped the potential benefits of increased self-awareness and better interpersonal skills. As one participant commented, “This process and information provides me with an advantage. If I want to be the best, I need to know myself, warts and all!”

The group responded well to the accuracy and honest insights of the report. Another intern fed back, “The profile doesn’t have any judgemental language, yet it doesn’t back away from my risks and development areas. I have always been told that my quiet, more reserved personality will be a barrier to me being a lawyer; SpotLight has shown me how that can be used to my advantage and what to look out for and develop if I need to flex to meet the demands of my job.”

The process helped to increase communication skills, particularly in providing a framework to question without judgement and address areas of risk, frustration and development without negativity or confrontation. Though increasing the understanding of self and others, it helped the participants to better recognise, leverage and manage their own unique styles.

SpotLight has provided a strong foundation for ongoing development and refinement within the group, shifting the culture of the organisation at that level for ongoing benefit in the future. “This is a clear example of how Facet5 must be a part of an organisation’s fabric; it brings self-awareness and understanding to the fore as the very foundation of successful individuals, teams and organisations.” Jessica Symes.

About Symes Consulting

Jessica Symes is a Facet5 associate who runs her own consultancy business and drama school in Australia. The Symes Group provides transformative leadership development programs and executive coaching for individuals, businesses and organisations. Friendly, accessible and inspirational, Symes Group appeals to all learning styles and a diversity of people. The organisation champions the power of creativity in bringing about purposeful change and is focused on people, growth and results.

Jessica’s ethos is clear; she believes that maximising potential for individuals and organisations happens when employees and leaders are truly inspired to be at their best, and to bring that “best-self” to work.

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