Coca-Cola HBC Poland is a Polish subsidiary of Coca-Cola Hellenic, headquartered in Zug (Switzerland), and the second-largest bottler of Coca-Cola beverages in the world in terms of sales volume. It services over 560m people worldwide. Coca-Cola HBC Poland is a leader on the Polish alcohol-free beverages market. Currently, Coca-Cola HBC Poland employs around 2000 people.

As an FMCG organisation, Coca-Cola requires fast action and quick decision-making. To be a leader, it needs to stay ahead of market trends. Managing change is vital, and adaptability is firmly embedded in the DNA of the organisation. Creating long-term, joint value with customers is a major strategic goal, which is primarily fulfilled by working in cross-functional teams. The amount of information is vast and there is always change happening, so effectively, managers must trust their teams and give them the opportunity to make their own decisions. There is, therefore, a discernible set of characteristics identified as development goals for new recruits and potential leaders: decision-making, empathy and co-operation, as well as and open-mindedness to working on self-development and a strong capability in strategic thinking.

This purpose is supported by talent development programs at various levels of leadership pipeline: Go Up1, Go Up2, Leadership Excellence, individualised development programs and all initiatives that increase team effectiveness and performance.

Tools & Approach

Facet5 is used by Coca-Cola HBC Poland to fulfil a number of functions.


Facet5 is particularly useful in the recruitment process when looking to match a particular candidate’s personality profile with a specific role, but also for assessing potential for future development within the organisation. Permanent development of employees and creation of a strong bench of successors is a major priorities.

Talent Development Programs

The first step in the development process is to build self-awareness. Who am I, what are my natural behaviors and leadership style? How am perceived by my direct reports, boss, colleagues, or customers? How can I use my strengths, and what are threats or risks?

Facet5 is very useful for this process of better understanding of self, and of each other, and has been used by the organisation for years for this purpose. HR personnel are accredited Facet5 users, entitling them to give feedback based on personality profile results. The guiding principle applied when using this tool is individual ownership and voluntary usage. It is confidential, and the owner of the report may decide who they wish to share the report with, if anyone.

Team Effectiveness

Facet5 is also used to raise awareness of the team. What kind of team we are, in which areas we are strong or weak? What makes us different? Individuals completing the profile will have their personalised feedback sessions, but will also receive feedback as part of their team, showing the dynamics, and various areas of strength and development exhibited by the different team members.


Facet5 has been used by Coca-Cola for many years to increase employee self-awareness. The autonomy allowed to employees, giving them the choice of who they share the reports with, could explain why so many are willing to share it with their boss, colleagues and reports. Enriched by the additional insight and knowledge about themselves, employees can take better advantage of the development support available, including mentoring and coaching.

Employees realise the value of Facet5, and its ongoing use is a big statement of investment from Coca-Cola, demonstrating the investment in people development they are willing to make. On the contrary, the “manual for the boss” contained in the report is often used with the intention of being shared with superiors. Enriched by the knowledge of themselves, employees can take better advantage of the development support, including mentoring and coaching.

Using Facet5 for team effectiveness has been proven to build an attitude of mutual understanding and acceptance. It allows team members to “be in the shoes” of colleagues, subordinates, bosses, or external or internal customers. So it is a useful tool for coaching the team to increase its effectiveness.

After seven years of use, Facet5 is very popular in the organisation, not least because of its simplicity and consistency of application. Coca-Cola never carries out a personality profile just “for the sake of it”: it is part of an extensive development process. Employees receive the support which allows them to use the gained knowledge about themselves in the most profitable way, increasing self-awareness and therefore optimising talent development, as well as individual, team and organisational performance.

Anna Karecka – Development & Coaching Manager

Using Facet5 ongoing is a statement of commitment by Coca-Cola to its employee development

Enriched by the additional insight and knowledge about themselves from Facet5, employees can take better advantage of the development support available, including mentoring and coaching.

Facet5 gives employees the support to increase self-awareness and optimise talent development and performance.

Facet5 is very popular thanks to its simplicity and consistency.

Lessons Learnt

Using Facet5 to develop employee self-awareness is an investment in your organisation and its future: by optimising talent, you are optimising organisational performance.

Facet5 has the flexibility to be used in many functions across an organisation: recruitment, talent development and team effectiveness can all benefit from it.

Encouraging staff to take ownership of their own development and giving them the autonomy to make their own choices about sharing their results usually results in a more empowered work force who are happy to share their profiles and results. Giving them more freedom to choose often lets those choices align more organically with organisational strategy, thereby making individual commitment stronger.

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