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A globally recognised multinational, Toyota Motors Poland engaged us to help with ongoing recruitment projects. They needed a versatile tool to help with recruitment, talent development and team building. In 2012 we worked with them on a Graduate Development Program, helping to recruit a group of students high in potential and right for the company.

Tools & Approach

Toyota needed to be able to apply the chosen tools in-house, so we worked with them to accredit two HR employees in Facet5; we knew its versatility and multiple functions would appeal to Toyota and be a useful tool for them across many different applications. They then used the Audition module in recruiting the students who would go on to complete the Graduate Development Program.


Each of the selected students received detailed development feedback, and the questionnaire as a tool was positively evaluated by the students; it not only satisfied their curiosity but also motivated them.

Following on from the success of this exercise, in 2013, Toyota started to use Audition in the recruitment of new employees to give additional information about candidates. They compared the candidates' profiles to templates created in-house for particular positions. They invited managers and team members to create templates of ideal candidates and after that they discussed the desirable behaviours for certain roles. Establishing the common perceptions of roles among the team members helped to make the whole process more effective and the team more self-aware.

Since October 2013, Toyota has started to use Facet5 in development projects with team managers. After the first feedback sessions, managers asked the HR team to prepare Facet5 reports for other members of their teams. The interest and response has been very positive: managers like the concept of the tool as a concrete model, with its potential to compare profiles with role parameters to match up suitable candidates easily, and for its use in transactional and transformational leadership.

Establishing the common perceptions of roles among the team members helped to make the whole process more effective and the team more self-aware

Although the Facet5 profile is only given to an individual respondent, people are encouraged to discuss that profile with others, and particularly to share the Leading Edge and Work Preference reports with his or her manager. However, the condition is that the manager must also have completed the Facet5 questionnaire and received his/her own feedback on the results.

Facet5 accreditation gave us great insight into each other, and improved team co-operation

In summary, Facet5 accreditation and the profile analysis gave Toyota's HR Department and the teams which participated a great insight into each other, improving effectiveness and co-operation.


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