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Harnessing the power of personality to create teams that thrive

The ability to effectively cope with change, navigate uncertainty and act without the full picture is certainly a skill that effective teams have had to develop – well before the arrival of recent challenges such as COVID-19.

During this period of uncertainty, we have all been compelled to draw on these skills and act out of immediate necessity – to make rapid decisions, re-think, re-prioritise and adapt for the future.

This is galvanising and testing even the strongest and healthiest of teams.

We have worked with teams for over 30 years – and continue to do so today. Over this time we’ve noticed that the teams that are ‘thriving’ prioritise:

  • Making & taking the time to stop and intentionally reflect

  • Proactively build collective performance

  • Cultivate a team culture of trust, psychological safety and collective resilience

  • Commit to quality, ongoing conversations

These thriving teams have laid the foundations to ensure the continuation of team and business success.



A thriving team

While we are in extraordinary times, the underlying elements of a successful team continue to remain the same. When present they enable teams to create better relationships, have better conversations, increase wellbeing and ultimately improve performance.

Our programmes, whether designed for you, or delivered by us, pay deliberate attention to each of these elements. We work with teams to ensure each element is developed and strengthened.

The elements of a thriving team…

  • Self-awareness (+ an understanding and appreciation of others’ style and preferences)
  • Room for individual growth and challenge
  • Personal boundaries and role clarity
  • Mutual Trust
  • Shared Values and future vision
  • Productive decision making and problem solving

  • Open communication and effective conversations

  • Honest and productive feedback that support individuals to reach agreements and resolve disputes proactively

  • And importantly, a shared focus on team and individual resilience

Teams that Thrive
Our team development programme for changing times

Our Teams that Thrive programme supports teams through a multi-phased development journey. Each module focusses on the specific needs of a team’s while also building and supporting self-awareness, offering practical planning and encouraging action.

The programme can be delivered as four modules, in sequence, or as individual modules – depending on the requirements of the team.


Reflect, reconnect + reset

A simple 2 hour session that gets teams to Reflect, Reconnect and Reset with purpose and focus. Teams who intentionally come together to stop and reflect, learn valuable lessons and capitalise on opportunities that are often otherwise lost.

Session 1 lays the foundation for sessions 2, 3 and 4.


Building collective resilience + resourcefulness

Resilient teams aren’t simply a group of resilient individuals. This session focuses on understanding what team resilience is and how the team navigates ambiguity and uncertainty. We work on practices to develop and strengthen team resilience and create a framework to support team resourcefulness.


Adapting our ways of working to a changing context

Ensuring clarity of purpose and what future success looks like, in a changing context, is the focus of this session. Teams get practical; they’ll create a blueprint that supports their ways of working. They will tap into the diversity within the team; ensuring they are set-up to meet the future needs of their clients and stakeholders.


Having ongoing high-quality, high-impact conversations

One of the most critical indicators of how effective a team is, is how well they ‘talk’. Working in an ever-increasing virtual world doesn’t always (easily) support open, authentic and productive conversations. This session focuses on understanding the team patterns and norms that are enabling and/or disabling effective conversations through the lens of Facet5’s SuperSkills.

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