Talent assessment
& selection

Creating shared understanding of success

Today’s talent process is not just about faceless assessment and selection, it is a two-way conversation that allows the individual and organisation to understand how they will work together and form a relationship that delivers on both their needs. We believe the role of personality in this process is to inform both the organisation and the individual as to the right decisions for them.

Facet5 is a reliable and trusted source of valid personality data that can contribute to a holistic talent assessment, selection and development process. We measure those characteristics of an individual that are enduring over time and situation, allowing for meaningful comparison and conversation against the requirements of the role, team and organisation. This process allows for a shared understanding of success along with the areas of stretch and likely development & support.


We support the talent process by…

  • Identifying emerging talent, allowing for focused development planning in current and for future roles.

  • Defining and identifying the required organisational capabilities for now and the future.

  • Integrating easily into assessment and development centres to provide evidence-based personality data.


We support the selection process by…

  • Ensuring the right fit for the team and organisation – by matching the individual to the required organisational values and culture.

  • Supporting fit-to-role by defining behavioural success elements before selection.

  • Providing consistency of process to recruitment and selection with tailored interview guides.


We support integration by…

  • Describing the motivators, drivers and work preferences of the individual– allowing for early successful integration in the role.

  • Helping to establish a strong manager – employee relationship

  • Providing development planning opportunities and focus


We support development by…

  • Supporting coaching and development processes with insightful information and tailored reports for individuals and managers

  • Building better relationships and performance through self-awareness and understanding of others

  • Identifying and supporting areas of  strength and stretch to successfully perform in the role.

We support organisations through
the Talent & Assessment process by…


ToRQ (Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire) is a measure of an individual’s practical work-based problem solving skills. ToRQ combines cutting edge testing processes with the power of personality to produce the next generation of cognitive assessment. It is the combination of capability and character that provides the most accurate measure of an individual’s potential.


Facet5 personality assessment provides rich data and insights at both individual and organisational levels. This data provides a common language in the description of those behavioural elements that motivate and drive us. Profiling and assessment services can be delivered through building internal capability to apply the Facet5 suite of tools or in partnership with Facet5 and its global network. Assessment can be based on an organisations internal behavioural/competency metrics or defined against our competency dictionary.


Facet5 can provide a complete recruitment and selection process, or integrate into an organisation existing processes. Our online assessment tools enable informed and effective recruitment, talent management and succession planning decisions.

Organisations are able to agree the behavioural based role elements that are essential for success prior to selection or development, ensuring ‘best fit’ of a candidate to both role and organisation. The process also provides helpful information on how personal attributes may help or hinder success once in the role, the team and organisation.


Facet5 and our Assessment and Development partners can deliver a wide range of interactive and evidence based programmes. Our multi-lingual team are experienced in a wide range of industries and levels. Each centre is designed to meet the needs of the organisation. Facet5 can also integrate into existing assessment and development processes, ask us for more information.


We integrate into existing talent and assessment programmes and systems, providing both data to inform the design and experience in delivery. We offer both internal capability build programmes to allow organisations to apply and interpret the suite of Facet5 tools as well as expert delivery from our global network.

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