Individual development

We are all unique…

Our personality comes with us wherever we go.

It influences how we approach the world, our work and relationships.

These similarities and differences in our motivations, attitudes and behaviour make us who we are. The way we behave and interact with others depends on this make-up. Therefore, when we understand ourselves and others, we are able to truly realise our potential, work more effectively and build stronger relationships and boost performance.

At Facet5 we believe understanding your personality, really, truly understanding it, provides an individual with a sense of their identity and the know-how to thrive in a changing world.

Facet5 provides individuals with intuitive, yet rich, insights that can be applied immediately and enhanced over time; laying the foundation for meaningful self-awareness and personal development.

Facet5 offer individuals the opportunity to:

  • Investigate and understand how their personality can help them realise their potential

  • Understand their personal preferences, the strengths and risks and how to flex to the requirements of their role, team, organisation and external challenges

  • How they work with others, improving collaboration and teamwork

  • How to build personal resilience and wellbeing

  • How to develop the soft-skills for today and the future

  • Tailored development


We support individual development through…


Facet5 profiling provides rich data and insights at both individual and organisational levels. This data provides a common language in the description of those behavioural elements that motivate and drive us. Profiling and coaching services can be delivered through building internal capability to apply the Facet5 suite of tools or in partnership with Facet5 and its global network.


We integrate into existing learning programmes and systems, providing both data to inform the design and experience in delivery.

We offer both internal capability build programmes to allow organisations to apply and interpret the suite of Facet5 tools as well as expert delivery from our global network. An individuals personality data can help guide them in their personal development journey while supporting the capability development needs of organisations


Personality data provides a rich insight into an organisations culture and collective capability.

Facet5 data analytics provides assessment and comparison intelligence against existing organisational metrics, competencies, values and strategic drivers. The output can be tailored to an organisations needs and to help individuals and leaders understand their approach and required flex to support the organisations goals.


Personal development starts with self-awareness. Facet5’s global ‘Understanding Self’ programme provides rich insights for participants into their own preferences and style to support both their professional and personal development. Using our personal development framework and toolkits we deliver tailored development content based on an individuals personality and personal drivers. This foundation programme supports all levels of the organisation from Graduate, Talent, Leader and Executive.

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