Leadership development

We take leaders on a journey of self-discovery

The role of the Leader is changing.

Leadership is no longer just about the charismatic, heroic, individual who has all the right answers and commands people towards victory against all odds. It’s much more about the individual’s ability to realise the potential in others; inspiring, engaging and aligning people to create opportunities and solve problems collectively.

Great leaders create an environment where individuals, teams and communities thrive.

We believe self-aware leaders are much more successful in creating this environment. That is exactly why our leadership development solutions focus on building and developing self-awareness – first and foremost, regardless of where a leader may be in their career.

Facet5 offers leaders the opportunity to:

  • Investigate and understand how their personality impacts on their leadership style

  • Understand their personal preferences, the strengths and risks and how to flex to the requirements of their role, team, organisation and external challenges

  • Understand what their leadership aspiration is and how to achieve that

  • Inspire others, by motivating and leading through their authentic self

  • Build trust and psychological safety

  • Create an environment for, and how to have, Great Conversations that build relationships and increase performance

  • Adopt a ‘Leader as Coach’ mindset

We support leadership development in organisations through…


Facet5 profiling provides rich data and insights at both individual and organisational levels. This data provides a common language in the description of those behavioural elements that motivate and drive us. Profiling services can be delivered through building internal capability to apply the Facet5 suite of tools or in partnership with Facet5 and its global network.


Personality data provides a rich insight into an organisations culture and collective capability. Facet5 data analytics provides assessment and comparison intelligence against existing organisational metrics, competencies, values and strategic drivers.


Our experienced, qualified coaches support individuals to achieve their leadership aspiration. Facet5 Coaching encourages an individual to focus on greater levels of self-awareness and personal understanding as a way of building more authentic relationships, empathy and clarity. With this, leaders can aspire to greater levels of personal achievement and satisfaction.


We integrate into existing Leadership programmes and systems, providing both data to inform the design and experience in delivery. We offer both internal capability build programmes to allow organisations to apply and interpret the suite of Facet5 tools as well as expert delivery from our global network.


The ‘Conversational Leader Programme’ provides leaders with rich, meaningful insights and practical skills they can use to encourage open, ongoing dialogue with their teams. Our programmes are focused on improving organisational performance, wellbeing, engagement and personal relationships one conversation at a time.


Our Leader as Coach programme focuses on building coaching as a mindset and capability. We focus on embedding these into an individual’s daily leadership practice. This virtual programme is delivered over 10 modules and builds practical coaching skills and is lead by our global team of qualified coaches and leadership experts.

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