Q&A with Facet5 Personality Assessments Practitioner – Amy Schlueter

We would like to introduce you to Amy Schlueter. Amy is a Facet5™ practitioner based in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. She is using it to help local businesses transform and grow, and regularly blogs about the various applications Facet5™ has to offer. We caught up with Amy as part of our Facet5 Community showcase to find out more about her work, her passion and talk all things Facet5.

What was your background before your started working with Facet5?

It's probably not typical of most Facet5™ practitioners! For most of my professional life, I worked in my family's automotive dealership business, and real estate management and development. A friend introduced me to Facet5™, as he uses it in his line of work. I could immediately see its potential in small and medium businesses, which need simple tools for team building, leadership and recruitment. Around here there are lots of multi-generational, family-run businesses, which experience a lot of difficulties around succession planning and team integration between family members and externally recruited staff. I knew there was a great opportunity with Facet5™, so I got myself accredited, and started contacting people about it.

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