Different things motivate different people. Research suggests that people have ‘intrinsic motivators’ - those elements in a role that are needed for job satisfaction. Facet5 Work Preferences identifies intrinsic motivators, as well as the things that tend to be demotivating. This is useful during career transition or to supplement job search activities.

  • Power - a person's need to be able to influence events and the people around them.
  • Participation - a person's need to be with people and part of the scene.
  • People - a person's need to feel they are contributing to the world at large and are helping to produce a 'better' society.
  • Process - a person's emphasis on how things are done and the way in which a business is run, where there is a strong preference for efficient systems and processes and a respect for position and experience.

Facet5 research has also identified specific 'job elements' which are linked to each of these motivators. This report integrates core motives (derived from Facet5 data), and identifies those aspects that an individual would want in a role and those which would be frustrating to them. By comparing responses to a database of known preferences, Work Preferences provides clear information about the specific job elements that are likely to appeal.

The Work Preferences report is a standard output with a Facet5 personal profile.

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Product Overview
Career Management; Identifying Person/role fit; Exit or Separation from an Organisation

Individuals, Managers of People, Coaches, HR, Career Counsellors

Completed as part of Facet5 survey only

Not required for general reading by participant or people leader.
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Simple Language

Facet5 provides an easy-to-understand framework and a simple common language, readily adopted by teams and organisations, to help solve business related ‘people problems’.

Global Application

Facet5, available in over 30 languages and with corresponding norm groups, is used by organisations on every continent, making it an effective tool for global and local businesses.

For Management

Specifically designed by psychologists for use by management, Facet5 helps people at all levels understand behaviour and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Value Neutral

Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways, so teams and organisations alike can easily understand and utilise the power of personality.