ToRQ (Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire) is the most advanced evaluation of job relevant decision-making skills available. ToRQ combines cutting edge testing processes with the power of personality to produce the next generation of cognitive assessment.

There is an increasing demand for remote, web-based assessment processes. Advances in response analysis have enabled highly successful remote assessment of non-cognitive skills. Cognitive skills however have proved problematic due to leakage, cheating and identity uncertainty, while limits on timed tests are difficult to monitor remotely.

To work effectively a web-based cognitive process must:

  • allow respondents to access the system from anywhere
  • provide a fair and objective set of hurdles for each candidate
  • avoid leakage of test content
  • allow for different skill levels of candidates, and
  • be relevant to the problems people face at work on a day to day basis

TorQ provides these capabilities and more to produce an assessment that is:

> Relevant
ToRQ items are work samples created to match the modern working environment. Research shows that when items are seen to be relevant, candidate€s motivation to succeed and perception of €fairness€ is greatly enhanced.
> Secure
ToRQ items are created €on-the-fly€ using precise design rules. No two items are ever identical so answers cannot be copied and €leaked€.
> Realistic
ToRQ uses Computer Adaptive Test processes to ensure people are faced with questions that are realistic for them. They are not put off by questions that are too hard or become blas€ because questions seem too easy.
> Fair
ToRQ incorporates Response Latency Analysis to differentiate between people who differ in the speed with which they get to an answer. Whether people are quick or slow ToRQ will measure accurately.
> Comprehensive
ToRQ can be used at any level from school leaver (entry level) to graduate or managerial. Unlike traditional ability tests, ToRQ shows not only how many items were answered correctly but also which types of items and how long the person took.

For further information on ToRQ or to enquire about group assessment please complete the Contact Us Form and a member of our research team will be in contact with you.

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