More than 15 years ago McKinsey’s War for Talent focused the need to understand, identify and nurture talent. The ‘war’ shows no signs of abating, with short candidate pools and competition for talent at all levels and in all sectors.

How do organisations grapple with such a complex reality? To understand the ‘what’ and the ’where‘ of talent, organisations need to identify ‘what someone has previously done’ as well as ‘what someone might be able to do in the future.’

Facet5 helps organisations understand what characteristics a person has, and identifies those characteristics that are likely to be shown consistently over time. This information can be used as an integral part of a talent segmentation process, coupled with other processes such as line manager assessment and a career event interviews.

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At a Glance

Facet5 identifies key characteristics that are likely to be shown consistently over time for talent identification purpose.

Facet5 is an essential component of any Talent Assessment and Development centre process, as it underpins observed behaviour.

Facet5 combines easily with career event data to support talent decisions.

Simple Language

Facet5 provides an easy-to-understand framework and a simple common language, readily adopted by teams and organisations, to help solve business related ‘people problems’.

Global Application

Facet5, available in over 30 languages and with corresponding norm groups, is used by organisations on every continent, making it an effective tool for global and local businesses.

For Management

Specifically designed by psychologists for use by management, Facet5 helps people at all levels understand behaviour and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Value Neutral

Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways, so teams and organisations alike can easily understand and utilise the power of personality.