The Strategic Leadership Review (SLR) is a process that combines both a Facet5 behavioural profile and a 360-degree behavioural review, in a plain language, easy-to read report.

The unique combination of personality and 360-degree data, underpinned by a large database of existing leadership data and a powerful predictive engine, means the SLR analyses and predicts leadership behaviours and development like no other tool.

For further information download a SLR Sample Report.

> Features
  • A leading personality measure which describes expected behaviours
  • A 360-degree survey based on a pre-eminent theory of Transformational and Transactional Leadership
  • An extensive normative database for comparative purposes
  • A powerful predictive engine, which provides comparison, commentary and development suggestions
> Benefits
  • Web-based data collection for use all over the world
  • Can be taken in 10 different languages, with 8 output languages
  • Results available in real time, for download and distribution, quickly and effectively
  • Development suggestions have been edited to produce relevant and helpful guidance
  • An easy-to-read report brings the data to life for the participant
> What does it measure?

Measures 7 core elements of leadership

  • Creating a Vision
  • Stimuating the Environment
  • Treating people as individuals
  • Goal setting
  • Monitoring performance
  • Providing feedback
  • Developing careers

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Product Overview
Suitable for leaders at all levels, looking to further develop both strategic and visionary skills as well as those looking to develop their capacity to manage both people and resources

Individual leaders

Average 15-20 minutes to complete; 84 questions; Online delivery and reporting capability. Requires individuals to complete a Facet5 profile as part of the process.

SLR training recommended for accredited Facet5 practitioners.
» Sample Report (.pdf)







Simple Language

Facet5 provides an easy-to-understand framework and a simple common language, readily adopted by teams and organisations, to help solve business related ‘people problems’.

Global Application

Facet5, available in over 30 languages and with corresponding norm groups, is used by organisations on every continent, making it an effective tool for global and local businesses.

For Management

Specifically designed by psychologists for use by management, Facet5 helps people at all levels understand behaviour and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Value Neutral

Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways, so teams and organisations alike can easily understand and utilise the power of personality.