Facet5 has had global reach since its beginnings over two decades ago and continues to support human capital management across continents today in two ways. Firstly, Facet5 engages in National Character research and, secondly provides direct translation of both questionnaire and reporting options. Please download our language summary report a for comprehensive list of questionnaire and report availability.

Arabic (العربية) Japanese (日本人)
English Korean (한국어)
English US Lithuanian (Lietuviškai)
Bulgarian (български) Norwegian (Norsk)
Chinese Simplified (中文简体) Polish (Polski)
Chinese Traditional (中國傳統) Portuguese (Português)
Czech (Czesky) Romanian (Românâ)
Danish (Dansk) Russian (русский)
Dutch (Nederlands) Serbian (Srpski)
French Canadian Slovakian (Slovak)
French (France) Spanish (Espanol)
German (Deutsch) Swedish (Svenska)
Greek (ελληνικά) Thai (ภาษาไทย)
Hungarian (Magyar) Turkish (Türkçe)
Indonesian (Bahasa) Welsh (Cmyraeg)
Italian (Italiano) Download a language summary

New translations occur on an ongoing basis. To register an interest in a Facet5 product, in a language that is not yet currently supported, please contact us.

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Facet5 supports organisations globally by undertaking National Character research. The research, now in its 5th year, examines cultural and national characteristics and looks at how MNCs can support and leverage these differences amongst their workforce, partners, stakeholders and clients. The findings of this research were presented at the 5th European Positive Psychology Conference in Copenhagen in 2010.

Simple Language

Facet5 provides an easy-to-understand framework and a simple common language, readily adopted by teams and organisations, to help solve business related ‘people problems’.

Global Application

Facet5, available in over 30 languages and with corresponding norm groups, is used by organisations on every continent, making it an effective tool for global and local businesses.

For Management

Specifically designed by psychologists for use by management, Facet5 helps people at all levels understand behaviour and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Value Neutral

Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways, so teams and organisations alike can easily understand and utilise the power of personality.