People rarely work in isolation. Work requires engagement with other people: colleagues, stakeholders and customers in order to deliver successful outcomes. Yet so often the behaviours of others can be puzzling or frustrating.

Individuals need to understand their own behaviour style - and how this might impact others - and then the behaviour of those with whom they work. Knowing how to leverage different behaviour styles, for delivering complex work projects, resolving conflict, engaging stakeholders and managing stress helps to deliver outcomes more effectively.

Facet5 personality profiles can be used at an individual level and can then be combined powerfully, for collaboration and developing team effectiveness. This can be especially helpful in facilitating line manager/direct report relationships.

Collaboration and Teamwork Showcase

HighTechXL is an accelerator programme for startup businesses in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Watch this video to see how Facet5 and TeamScape bring a new perspective in helping entrepreneurs realise their potential.


The following Facet5 products increase collaboration and team effectiveness.

  • Facet5 Personal Profile shows an individual’s natural behaviour style and work preferences in a plain language report, making it ideal in the formation of coalitions and increasing team effectiveness. Click for further information.

  • TeamScape combines 2 or more individual profiles in a series of work modules designed to show how members of the team are likely to organize the work, attend to the relationships, manage discord and respond to stress and pressure. Click for further information.

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At a Glance

Facet5 identifies individual differences in behaviour and how this might impact others.

Facet5 assists individuals and teams to leverage different behaviour styles and deliver outcomes more effectively.

Facet5 profiles can be combined powerfully to support collaboration and the development of team and cross business effectiveness.

Simple Language

Facet5 provides an easy-to-understand framework and a simple common language, readily adopted by teams and organisations, to help solve business related ‘people problems’.

Global Application

Facet5, available in over 30 languages and with corresponding norm groups, is used by organisations on every continent, making it an effective tool for global and local businesses.

For Management

Specifically designed by psychologists for use by management, Facet5 helps people at all levels understand behaviour and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Value Neutral

Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways, so teams and organisations alike can easily understand and utilise the power of personality.